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Dmflag settings
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Dmflag settings

I don't speak Czech, so I can only report this problem in English. Sorry.

There are dmflags on two servers which can be ruin the normal gameplay.

These servers are: Plutonia and TNT:

Plutonia: zds://

TNT: zds://

Both servers have these problems.
The first one is the problem of voodoo dolls. The current setting is that no voodoo dolls appear at all but in some of the maps of Plutonia (MAP06, MAP28) and TNT (MAP18, MAP30) it's important to have them because if there are no voodoo dolls on the map, the game can spawn the players on any of the player start points, even if those points were not intended to be normal player start points. Originally with this trick the mapper enables the players to get "invisible" weapons even though the players can't see the weapon on the map. Actually the voodoo doll is lowered to make him grab the weapon in a hidden sector. But if players appear in hidden sectors (where the dolls should be), the other players cannot get "invisible" weapons at all.

So please set the dmflag sv_voodoo_spawns to FALSE. Or turn the voodoo doll compatibility ON. (they'll have the same effect)

The second one is about respawning items. Why do you think it is fair to spawn all the items only once? This is not old school but merely playing hell with the players. It's quite enough if there are a lot of players and therefore they run out of ammo early just because there is no item respawn. It's ridiculous.

So please set sv_itemrespawn to TRUE. (this recommendation refers to all your other wads as well)

Thanks. Smile

Have a nice day.
13-03-2015 11:20 PM
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RE: Dmflag settings
well, noone complained so far (~8 years??) so i don't see any reason to change that ...

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15-03-2015 06:56 PM
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RE: Dmflag settings
Haha... yes, I would say.. because no one has had the patience to report it so far or no one has the adequate knowledge to recognize these problems. Players only complained about this ingame and they didn't know what was going on when they appeared in a confined place (small rectangular sector), so the only way for them to circumvent the problem is to reconnect but they cannot be sure where they will be spawned. And of course by reconnecting they lose everything along with the keys.

But if no one has complained about it so far it doesn't mean that it's not a problem at the same time. Don't you think so?

On your Heretic server it's also interesting that freelook is turned off, though in vanilla Heretic you can look up and down as well.
15-03-2015 10:14 PM
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